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If you want to see the old page for version 2.0,
please go to: Shift Scheduler webpage.

Version 3.5

Bug fixes:
Bug with statistics when a unsure shift was present - fixed
another bug with friends statistics

New functions:
Themes, now image packs can have also colors for the calendar.

Version 3.0

Bug fixes:
Bug, if you click on a shift to mark as 'unsure' you see the original image instead of the personilised image - fixed
When starting the app, a shift was already selected

New functions:
Possibility to download images packages directly from the app
Personalize shift times, so you can share also the time you are working.
Statistics-possibility to see when your friend has the same shift as you!
Statistics, see how much times you had night shifts on the year for example.

Version 2.1

Bug fixes:
bug when moving calendar (app crash).
bug when exporting to homescreen (was unable to copy the file).
combo - now you can insert up to 6 week.
combo - copy the left month directly to the combo.

Version 2.0.0

Bug fixes:
Unable to see month and color problems with some phone themes.
Accidentally insert a shift on the calendar, when moving it.

New functions:
1 new shifts (splitted shift)
3 jolly shifts, for personal use
Combo shifts, create and insert a pattern with up to 16 shifts.
Mark shift as 'unsure' (see help for more info)
Select and see friends calendar (not in the lite version)
BASIC & PRO: Add friends calendar and synchronize them.
PRO: Share your calendar to other friends.
Improved homescreen

Version 1.0.0

First version, supports 3 languages: italian, german and english.
Single scroll to other months and with 7 different shift types.
Export calendar for homewidget.

Viewer widget - Homescreen

Version 4.0.0

- Solved bug with CFW
- Updated for Nokia 808 Pureview
- Ready for sscheduler 4.0 (new icons)

Version 3.3.0

- Solved some bugs present in the version 3.2/3.0

Version 3.0.0

- Agenda reimplemented, you should see the meetings directly on the scheduler calendar now.
- bug fixed: if you changed from original images to personalized images, there was some bugs with the entries on the viewer.
- you can now see the next month too
- Added the possibility to refresh calendar (if you press MENU)
-Some graphics improvements and little bug fixes.
- Ready for Shift Scheduler 3.0.

Version 2.3.0

- There is a bug in the WEB-library on Symbian Anna. Agenda was removed.
If you can not see the homescreen, please remove your app, reboot the phone and download this version again.
You need this version only if you have Symbian Anna.

Version 2.2.0

- bug: when you opened the shift scheduler from the menu (image freezed).
- improved: lock screen on portrait
- NEW: see phone calendar entries directly in the shift calendar!

Version 1.2.0

- added: about, info and help (it, de, en)
- personalised images are available now
Nokia support for Symbian apps will be over on 1.january 2014. So a lot of developers decided to give their apps for free.
From 1. january we can't update anymore our apps, so the only way to distribute them is to make them free.
Thank you very much for your support over the last 3 years, it was funny to develop Symbian apps!
Adriano Petrucci© 2011-2013